NEW Xyler FC Fungicide

Managing plant diseases is a year-round job for potato growers. Water molds, also known as oomycetes, have been a threat to potato production for as long as potatoes have been cultivated. Diseases such as late blight, pink rot, and Pythium leak attack potatoes both above and below ground, impacting harvest quality, robbing yield, and reducing storability. While many different tools have been used throughout history to fend off oomycetes, metalaxyl fungicides remain the most effective tool.


Ensuring excellent mixing and even application is critical to consistent disease control across the whole field. Xyler FC is a new metalaxyl product from Vive Crop Protection that uses nanotechnology to ensure worry-free mixing with water, liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and other chemistry.


Mark Varner, National Account Manager with Vive Crop Protection says, “Xyler FC gives potato growers a versatile tool that is significantly easier to use than other products on the market, including Ridomil® Gold or Ultra Flourish®.”

Xyler FC1.png

This comparison shows Xyler FC vs Ultra Flourish (both mixed with 10-34-0 for demonstration). Xyler FC mixes easily and stays in suspension. Ultra Flourish separates immediately.

In field trials comparing Xyler FC to Ridomil Gold, Xyler FC demonstrated increased disease control and higher yield. Varner says, “The reason Xyler FC performs better is simply because it mixes better and stays in suspension so that you get the same performance at the beginning of the field as at the end. Plus, of course, you don’t have to worry about clumps in the spray tank or gumming up lines and nozzles.”

Xyler FC2.png

2019 trials, Rupert, ID

Xyler FC3.png

2019 trials, Rupert, ID

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* Metalaxyl is a mixture containing equal parts of “R” and “S” enantiomers. The R-enantiomer is the biologically active isomer and is also known as metalaxyl-m and mefenoxam. Mefenoxam products contain only the R enantiomer. Metalaxyl products are labeled for use at 2x the amount of active ingredient per acre as compared to mefenoxam products to ensure that the same amount of active R-enantiomer is applied.


Always read and follow label directions. Ridomil is a trademark of Syngenta. Ultra Flourish is a trademark of Nufarm. Xyler is a trademark of Vive Crop Protection.