Vive Products

UPGA and PMANA rely on industry support to bring you the information and insights you expect and trust. One of our United Potato Partners is Vive Crop Protection.


Vive is a new and different crop protection manufacturer - they take existing chemistry to the next level using nanotechnology to create flawless mixing. No more challenges with products that clump, settle out or clog spray nozzles. Vive products mix perfectly with liquid fertilizers, all types of water, other chemistry, and micronutrients. 


That means your crops will receive the same uniform performance from the start of the field to the end, even if application is delayed by weather, equipment breakdowns or family commitments.


There are currently five products in the Vive portfolio, and all of them have a strong fit for potato growers. If you’re using any of these active ingredients on your farm, take a look at Vive’s improved versions:


  • AZteroid FC 3.3 - azoxystrobin fungicide for control of  rhizoctonia, black dot and silver scurf when applied in-furrow and black dot, early blight, late blight and powdery mildew when applied foliar

  • Bifender FC - bifenthrin insecticide for controlling wireworms, rootworms and white grubs in-furrow and a wide range of beetles when applied foliar 

  • NEW Xyler FC - metalaxyl fungicide for pink rot and pythium leak control when in-furrow or foliar applied

  • NEW Midac FC - imidacloprid insecticide for in-furrow control of aphids, Colorado potato beetle, flea beetles, leaf hoppers and potato psyllid

  • NEW Averland FC - abamectin insecticide for foliar control of potato psyllid, spider mites, Colorado potato beetle, leaf miners, and suppression of thrips 


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