Managing Diseases and Insects in Potatoes with Post Applications

By David Pratt, Technical Sales Agronomist, Vive Crop Protection


Disease and insect control in potatoes begins in the furrow at planting and continued protection is managed with post applications throughout the season. Diseases are always managed through prevention while insects can be managed by both prevention and rescue treatments.


Potato growing regions can be very different while having many things in common - diseases and insects fall into both categories. Management practices from region to region can vary greatly depending on the pest priority for the area.


Fortunately there are many options available to manage most pests causing issues in potatoes.




There are a couple of insects, including Colorado potato beetle and psyllids, that year-in-and-year-out cause damage to potatoes. Of course, some years and some fields are worse than others.


Vive Crop Protection has a new foliar insecticide that controls both the CPB and psyllids - Averland FC. The active ingredient in Averland FC is abamectin, a group 6A insecticide. Abamectin is a combination of two types of avermectins, or nerve poisons. These avermectins are compounds that are produced naturally in soil bacteria called Streptomyces avermitilis. Averland FC is not only very effective on CPB and psyllids - it’s also very effective on mites.


Vive’s Allosperse technology has allowed us to develop an abamectin product that is compatible with fertilizer and other active ingredients. But most importantly, it’s the only group 6A insecticide so it provides an awesome opportunity to rotate chemistry for resistance management without giving up insect control. Click here for more information on Averland FC.



The second new product from Vive offers soilborne disease control as both soil and foliar applications: Xyler FC (metalaxyl). Xyler FC is very effective and crucial for managing storage rot diseases like pink rot and pythium leak. Applications of Xyler FC prior to harvest can be very effective in managing storage rot diseases. And because it includes Vive’s Allosperse technology, Xyler FC mixes very well with fertilizers and other actives and stays in suspension unlike other products on the market, providing an opportunity to foliar feed while controlling pests. 


Airplane applicators absolutely love Xyler FC because of how well it mixes in low volumes of water and other carriers. As an example of how well our products mix, we were able to reduce a grower’s water rate from 20 gallons to 5 gallons per acre. Vive’s products mix no matter what: fertilizer or water regardless of pH or hardness. Here is more information on Xyler FC.


I hope this has been informative and educational. If you have questions please contact anyone on the Vive team but if you want to talk with me my cell is 989-863-1411 and  email is