No More Clogging Issues

Who can say they’ve never had an issue with clogging or incompatibility?


Every year, you balance agronomic needs with maximum efficiency. Managing soil fertility, diseases, insects, and weeds can require mixing multiple products in the same tank. But this could create compatibility challenges that can totally ruin your day!


Mixing issues can be anything from having products separate out, to having products turn to “jelly”. This causes plugged nozzles, uneven spray coverage, and tank or line cleanout issues, leading to poor product performance. When this happens, you have no choice but to stop and clean out the whole system, costing time and money.

Quality of liquid fertilizer, water hardness, temperature, tank mix partner and agitation all play a role in tank mix compatibility. Jar testing is important to ensure the products and carrier will mix before using it in your tank. For best results, you should add each product to a small container, mix and check it after 20 minutes. If the products separate and cannot be easily re-mixed, they are incompatible.

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If this happens, compatibility agents can be purchased to overcome the challenges or an injection system can keep products separate during application, but both of these options add additional cost and complexity to an already-busy time of year.


The simplest option is to look at the lineup of FC (fertilizer-compatible) products from Vive Crop Protection. Vive products are powered by Allosperse nanotechnology, allowing them to mix smoothly and remain stable in difficult carriers such as starter or foliar fertilizers and hard water. They are also compatible with a variety of tank mix partners including glyphosate – even through pivots.


So, when you’re making your best agronomic choice for your farm, remember that Vive products make in-furrow and foliar applications less complicated and more effective.

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