New convenient nematode protection

Potato growers can now replace three chemigation applications of Vydate® C-LV with three chemigation applications of Averland® FC. They’ll get the same level of activity, with significant cost savings and less product handling. It also mixes seamlessly with in-season fertility to help create on-farm efficiency. It is simple and effective, and significantly reduces user and environmental exposure.


Nematodes are a significant challenge for potato growers throughout all potato growing regions. If left untreated, they cause tuber malformation, induce chemical changes in the tuber and reduce overall marketable yield.


As a foliar or chemigation application, Averland FC also takes care of Colorado potato beetle, leafminers, psyllids, mites and thrips. It is based on the Allosperse® Delivery System, which allows products to be mixed and applied with foliar fertilizer, other chemicals and micronutrients.


More information is available here.

Nematode damage in potatoes. Source: Potato Grower Magazine



®Vydate is a trademark of Corteva Agrisciences.