Effective, convenient and cost-effective disease control and nematode suppression

It’s not too soon to plan your in-season sprays – so it’s time to look at Xyler® FC fungicide and Averland® FC nematicide/insecticide.


Xyler FC (metalaxyl with Allosperse) provides excellent control of pink rot, pythium and silver scurf. It mixes well in low water or liquid fertilizer volumes, without compatibility agents. Xyler FC is significantly easier to use than Ridomil® Gold, provides the same performance, and could even save you money. Even your aerial applicator will be happier!


You can replace three chemigation applications of Vydate® C-LV with three chemigation applications of Averland® FC (abamectin with Allosperse). You’ll get the same level of activity, with significant cost savings and less product handling. It also mixes seamlessly with in-season fertility to help create on-farm efficiency. It is simple and effective, and significantly reduces user and environmental exposure.


As a foliar or chemigation application, Averland FC also takes care of Colorado potato beetle, leafminers, psyllids, mites and thrips.


Both products are based on the Allosperse® Delivery System, which allows products to be mixed and applied with foliar fertilizer, other chemicals and micronutrients.


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Pink rot can be devastating to potato quality and yield

Nematode damage in potatoes. Source: Potato Grower Magazine



®Vydate is a trademark of Corteva Agrisciences.