AZterknot 3-in-1 fungicide
combines biological and chemical
with Allosperse

AZterknot fungicide is a perfect fit for potato growers.


AZterknotTM fungicide now allows potato growers to get the plant health benefits of Reynoutria extract (biofungicide), the disease-fighting power of azoxystrobin and the Allosperse delivery system for ease of use and handling.


AZterknot fungicide is recommended prior to row closure as a substitute for Headline®, Quadris® or Priaxor® for control of blights, black dot, and powdery mildew. It activates the plant’s natural defenses to inhibit pathogen growth and improves plant health, quality, and yield.


Why choose AZterknot?

  • It harnesses the power of both chemical and biological actives

  • A smart resistance management tool – contains Groups 11 and P5

  • It provides disease control, plant health benefits and yield enhancement activity

  • Flexible application options – through chemigation or with foliar feeds

  • Biological activity increases yield and quality better than chemistry alone


Here’s a quick :40 video overview of AZterknot


The AZterknot label can be found here


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