5 Ways Potato Growers Can Save

Time and Money Using

Vive Crop Protection Products

As we are all preparing for the 2021 planting season, it’s time decide how you are going to increase yields and ultimately be as cost-and-time-effective as possible for your 2021 crop. When it comes to your time and money, Vive Crop Protection products can help to ensure you’re spending less time fiddling with the planter and more time allowing your crop to have more bulking days creating higher yields.


Jonathan Adamson, of Vive Crop Protection has 5 key factors that can help potato growers save time and money, while increasing both yield and quality:


1 - Mixes perfectly with in-furrow liquid starter.


Research has shown over and over again that switching part of your at-plant banded fertilizer to in-furrow can increase yield and create more uniform sized potatoes. Using in-furrow liquid fertilizer can increase yields by 21+ bags/ac because it gets nutrition to the plant when and where it needs it. Vive Crop Protection products mix seamlessly, so you’re able to both feed and protect the crop to give it the best start.


2 - Vive products allow you to less water to mix than competitors. In fact, some growers report cutting their water in half.


Less water and fewer fills means more time that growers can dedicate to getting seed in the ground. More planted acres per day, and fewer gallons of water used -- while increasing your efficiency, is something that all potato growers can get behind. Moving from 15 gallons to 5-7 gallons saves time and finishing planting early allows for more bulking days. Efficient planting, and a decrease in water usage isn’t just good for your farm -- it’s good for the environment and will help in overall sustainability efforts.


3 - No compatibility agents needed. This allows you to focus your application dollars on the product that is important vs. one that “helps” it mix.


Compatibility agents take valuable time and money to work with and we all know that when it’s time to plant – it’s time to plant! Mother Nature does not wait for the proper mix. With Vive Crop Protection products, no compatibility agents are required – which directly saves on cost, time and the hassle of having to do more work.


4 - Keeps your tank clean do you don’t have to fight with plugged screens and nozzles.


No one wants to deal with clogged filters, or tips. It takes forever, it’s frustrating, and it’s messy to clean up. Vive products mix perfectly, even with in-furrow liquid fertilizer, so cleaning filters and tips is a thing of the past. There are so many things that potato farmers must manage and having to stop the tractor and get out to deal with plugged screens and nozzles should not be one of them. Not only does this increase efficiency, it also lowers worker contact.


5 - Efficient application means you are not overpaying or wasting product.


Better use of the active ingredient allows potato growers to get value for every single dollar spent on fungicides and insecticides to increase bags per acre. Actives are getting to where they need to go – not wasted being stuck on the wall of the tank or gummed up in filters and tips.

AZteroid + Midac vs QU + Admire.jpg

AZteroid FC 3.3 (azoxystrobin) and Midac FC (imidacloprid) in starter fertilizer on the left. Competitor azoxystrobin and imidacloprid products in starter fertilizer on the right.